Welcome To Happy Journey Travel

Happy Journey Travel and Tours is an travel agency in Oman, located in the heart of Muscat in Ghubra. With international wealth of information, we are here to care for all your travel needs – We are your complete travel package.
We at Happy Journey are focused on providing our customers the finest services available at the best prices.
Our Mission:
To provide the best Value for Money to our customers.
Our Vision:
to be the Leading Travel Agency in Oman for all your Ticketing and Travelling needs in the world.
We offer a range of services from Ticketing to Tour Packages and Haj and Umrah services.
Our dedicated staff is always ready to help you plan your next trip and empower you to embark on an adventure that will be memorable for years to come. We have tour packages for every occasion weather you want to plan a getaway vacation with your friends or plan a honeymoon trip with your loved one. We are the one stop solution for all your ticketing and travelling needs.

Our services include:
Visa Services
Hajj and Umrah Services
Readymade and Tailor made Tour packages.
Oman Tour Packages
Travel Insurance
Hotel bookings
Rent a Car
Cruise Trips
Business Trips
Medical Tours

Our professionally trained staff is always at your disposal to issue your tickets as per your requirements and offer you the best deals for your travel needs.
We book and issue the tickets for you as per your convenience as well as provide additional services like Date Changing in case there is a change in your plans and cancellation of tickets if required.
We also offer services like OK To Board for passengers traveling to Oman.
Visa Services:
We offer visa services for customers from all walks of life. We process and submit all kinds of Visa applications for our customers as per their desire and specifications.

We expertly handle and process visa applications to Oman, UAE, Europe, UK, Schengen countries, Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand and many more.
Hajj and Umar Services
Haj is one of the pillars of Islam and there is nothing more joyous for a Muslim than to visit Makah and Medina for the purpose of performing Hajj or Umrah along with their loved ones.
Knowing this we are committed to offer you the best spiritual experience for your sacred trip with our Muslim who will be with you all along your journey and will be guiding you so that you too are able to perform this act of service in the best possible manner. Along with that there will also be ziaraat ( Religious Sightseeing tours) of sacred places in Makkah and Madinah and you will informed about their significance and their historical importance.
And all this at the most convenient prices so that you too can be blessed by this once in a life time opportunity along with your loved ones.
Oman Tour Packages:
Imagine a land far far away away free from the everyday hassles of daily mechanical lifestyle, a land that possesses within itself the beauty of the lush green valleys as well as the vast magnificence of its endless deserts. Where people are extremely humble and welcoming and peace of mind is not a farfetched concept but is taken for granted. A land where in spite of the globalization and the constant pursuit of wealth and materialism all over the world, people still live in the flavor of culture and tradition isn’t still lost on them.
Sounds like Heaven right? Yes heaven on earth has an address its Oman!!
Every year millions of people visit Oman to experience its enchanting magnificence from its beautiful cities to peaceful small villages.
Travel Insurance:
There is nothing worse than while having a wonderful vacation with your loved ones some unexpected situation comes up that disrupts the whole experience and worse you’re left with no protective net to fall back on.
This is exactly the situation where travel insurance comes to your rescue. It covers the cost of medical emergencies, trip cancellation, lost baggage and provides many other benefits which leave you free to relax and enjoy your vacation.
Hotel bookings:
We can book and reserve hotels as per your requirements weather as a part of a package or separately.

Rent a Car
Imagine travelling in a foreign country and having to wait for your driver to arrive who promised last night that he will be there at 7am but is not picking up the phone right now or worse be at the mercy of a new cab driver everyday you’re there or having to travel everywhere in public transport.
Forget all that and book a Car with us at the time of your travel and enjoy the same liberty and control over your life that makes you always feel at home no matter where ever you are in the world.
Cruise Trips
It has been scientifically proven that listening to the sound of the waves sitting at the sea shore reduces stress in a person. Now imagine not just listening to the waves but rather experiencing a rejuvenating Cruise trip in the sea with family and friends watching dolphins jump out and back in to the ocean and other kinds of sea life swim by your yacht as you stare into the vast ocean moving along as the gentle waves of the ocean hit the yacht. It is truly an experience to have at least once in a lifetime
Business Trips:
Travelling for leisure is often very different form travelling for work. There is always a higher focus on saving time to get some work done in the waiting area, probably even preferably close few deals over the phone calls while sitting in the airport lobby in front of the laptop.
Choose us for your Business trips and we will take care of all your travel needs while you take over the world!

Medical Tours:
Health is certainly the biggest wealth one can possess and like education the pursuit of health is an endeavor one must take if necessary even if it seems tough at the time.
That’s why at Happy journey we take special care of you and make all the necessary arrangements for your trip so that you can focus on taking care yourself and your loved ones while you travel.
Tour Packages:
“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine
We only understand how small we really are and how beautiful the world is once we travel and see the infinite opportunities the world has to offer, from its rainbow of cultural rituals to its endless religious shrines that one can visit to experience how others practice and experience spirituality and get to view the world form the point of view of those different than you.
From lush green forests to beautiful stretches of deserts there is so much to explore and see it this world that one might actually require multiple lifetimes to absorb its infinite beauty to the fullest. But one can at least start in this lifetime
For this purpose we offer all kinds of travel packages for our customers for most of the countries as per your requirements.
We also have readymade group tours with fixed departures