The Bat settlements are among the most fascinating archaeological sites in Oman, famous for their ancient beehive tombs and cemeteries made from stone. The site is believed to go back to the third millennium BC.

The tombs are one of many UNESCO World Heritage Sites located in Oman, and are found near Ibri in the Governorate of Dhahirah. “The vast necropolis at Bat includes different clusters of monumental tombs that can be divided into two distinct groups,” said UNESCO. “The first group is Hafit-period “beehive” tombs located on the top of the rocky slopes surrounding Bat, while the second group extends over a river terrace and includes more than a hundred dry-stone cairn tombs.” The organisation added: “Another important group of beehive tombs is located at Qubur Juhhal at Al-Ayn, 22km east-southeast of Bat. Most of these tombs are small, single-chambered, round tombs with dry masonry walls dating to the beginning of the 3rd millennium BCE. Others are more elaborate, b


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