In Oman, the cooler months of the year signify the start of camping season. As Oman’s Ministry of Tourism (MoT) attaches great interest to this product, all tourism camps have completed preparations to accommodate a big turnout of visitors and tourists by adding more facilities and fulfilling requirements that visitors had asked for when they arrived last season.

The Ministry of Tourism promotes and encourages establishing tourism camps according to the rules and controls in place for securing safety. These camps provide a unique opportunity to all tourists and visitors to enjoy the beautiful vistas of the Omani desert and allow them to participate in different activities.

Camping options

“While wild camping is a favourite pastime in the Sultanate, campers must ensure they are not on private land or damaging land or livestock,” said the Ministry of Tourism. “That includes disposing of rubbish in designated bins only. Those looking for more comfortable camping options, can book one of the available desert camps or join a local tour operator that offers organised camping trips.

“The Sharqiyah Sands allows visitors to experience the desert first hand, with dunes reaching as far as the horizon and the area teeming with wildlife,” added the ministry. “Local Bedouins continue to breed livestock, including camels and Arabian horses, and visitors get the chance to see camel racing and other competitions throughout the year.”

“The white sand and pebble beach found between Wadi Shab and Wadi Tiwi are great for water enthusiasts,” the Ministry of Tourism went on to say. “The city of Sur, famed for its ship building, makes for fantastic camping and fishing locations. It should also come as no surprise that this area offers an amazing range of activities for nature and sea lovers. From turtle watching at Ras Al Hadd, to kite surfing on Masirah Island or visiting the traditional Dhow yard of Sur, where Arabia’s ancient style of boat continue to be crafted by hand.”
source : Times of Oman


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