Kumzar is easily Oman’s northernmost settlement, located on an isolated piece of land in the northern Governorate of Musandam. Although it is located just 26km from the regional capital of Khasab, Kumzar’s location means it is only normally accessible by boat, and visiting it requires an invitation from a local.

“Nestled in an isolated bay close to the Strait of Hormuz, this village is only accessible by boat. Locals speak their own language known as Kumzari but, given its remote location, the village is surprisingly modern,” said Oman’s Ministry of Tourism.

“One of the most inaccessible settlements in Oman, the famously remote town of Kumzar sits perched in solitary splendour at the northernmost edge of Musandam, hemmed in by sheer mountains and accessible only by boat,” added the ministry. “It’s still well worth making the trip out here for the magnificent coastal scenery en route, as well as for the tantalizing glimpse of Oman’s most reclusive town at the end of


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