Oman Air Sets Exceptional Standards for on-time Performance:

Oman Air, the national carrier of the Sultanate of Oman, announced that it achieved one of its best ever On-Time-Performance (OTP) rate of 90 per cent over the past calendar year of 2019.
This metric measures the airline’s flight punctuality – important criteria amongst customers, particularly frequent international air travellers, when selecting an airline to fly with. Oman Air’s achievement of 90 per cent for 2019 makes it one of the best performing airlines globally in terms of flight punctuality.
In December 2019, the year’s busiest month for air travel, the airline earned an industry high of 92 per cent OTP rating. This is a noteworthy accomplishment in one of the year’s most challenging months in terms of winter weather and seasonal peak volumes with year-end rush of travellers criss-crossing the globe at busy airports.
The 90 per cent OTD rate is Oman Air’s highest since 2015, when it flew almost 25 per cent fewer flights than it did in 20.


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